Steel Creek to Grannie Henderson's

Crossing Buffalo River at Jim's Bluff
Lunch at Grannie Henderson's Cabin
Lunch at Grannie Henderson's
Beautiful Buffalo River
Redbud on the trail
Crossing Buffalo National River on horseback
Buffalo National River
Crossing Buffalo River near Steele Creek
Stopping for a drink of the river
Crossing Buffalo River near Steele Creek
Riders crossing Buffalo River on BRT
Crossing Buffalo River at Steele Creek
Grazing at Steele Creek
Bluff and riders and Steele Creek
Riders below bluff at Steele Creek
Horsecamp and bluff at Steele Creek
Horsecamp and bluff at Steele Creek
Heading back to Buffalo River Trail
Heading back to BRT
Arkansas Buffalo River Cabin
beautiful buffalo river
crossing at Jim's bluff
Redbud on BRT
Grazing at Steele Creek
Horses crossing at Steele Creek
Steel Creek to Granny Henderson's Cabin
This is a segment of the old river trail (ORT) of the Buffalo National River Trail system. From here you can hike or ride to Ponca, Centerpoint Trail Head, Compton Trail Head/Hemmed In Hollow Trail Head and Sneeds Creek, Kyles Landing, all of which are in the Ponca Wilderness area. Grannie Henderson's cabin is an historic landmark and destination for hikers and horseback riders.
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